I would like to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of the people who helped make my daughter and son’s wedding shower a wonderful success. Starting with my telephone conversations with Pat, who explained everything in perfect detail, I didn’t need to second guess any decisions thanks to her. Second, the presentation of the hall with black and red napkins was beautiful and just adding a single rose to each table made it perfect. Third, everything was just as ordered! Thanks to Mary who guided us from the time we walked in the door, to the food being served, which was piping hot and delicious, to the cake being served at the appropriate time, through the openings of the gifts and prompt cleanup afterwards. Your servers were prompt and polite. They approached me and introduced themselves and told me if there was anything we needed to please let them know. Professional….each and every one of them! Thank you again for making ‘our’ day and our children’s day so wonderful.